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Testimonials and Comments


 “…I have come to like 21” and 2450 for cruise power. At those settings, in calm air, at 6000’ through the valley I show IAS of 140knots/160 mph, all the way up and back. That works out to TAS of157 knots/180 mph in my old 1969 182M….”

 “…A very good friend and I often fly tandem flights; he flies a 1984 206 turbo. About a month ago, we were headed to Sun Valley Idaho for breakfast. He took off first, and when we leveled off at 8500 feet, we started talking, and looking for each other. I was three miles ahead of him, and had to throttle back on the trip, for him to keep up. Can you believe that?! I like to take people for a ride, and not tell them about the engine upgrade, then watch their faces. They are always amazed at the torque, power, and speed. It will sustain a climb at 2000 fpm if I hold 85 mph. All this on 13 gallons per hour….”

 “…My friends are amazed, and I love it….”

David Hess


 “…Since we have now had your engine in our 182 for about 9 months I thought this was a good time to report on how it has worked out for us. To sum it up in a few words (I won’t) …INCREDIBLE!”
“…The climb performance is great! Even though out here on Cape Cod we are at 008’ M.S.L. It gets hot in the summer. Have no fear, load it, point it up and go….”

 “…As far as the engine is concerned, it to has been all that we wanted and more. During the take-off roll as the power is advanced past 2300 to 2600 RPM the torque really takes effect and the plane is yanked down the runway. The engine is very smooth….”

 “…My goal is to hit the 2500hr. TBO and the oil is a big part of it….”

 Fuel consumption leaned 100deg. Rich of peak is as follows, 23” sq. 12.5gph. And at 21” & 2300rpm it’s 11.5 gph. One last point and a very important one. Yourself and all of your staff were always as helpful, prompt and friendly as can be….”

Kyle Takakjia


Thanks to mr. Jack and Scott, my wife and i made it to cabo today for our 10 year anniversary vacation. on our first leg of trip, from marksville, LA to laredo, TX, we managed to have intermittent alternator failure. sitting at laredo on a saturday with a bad alternator and unable to order one until monday and not receive till tues...day, i started calling fbo's in search of the "needle in the haystack". and after about 10 calls, i was given the number to texas skyways. mr. Jack answered and told me that they would help in any way that they could. after about a 5 minute wait, he came back on phone with news that they had alternator that matched mine. this was around 1130 saturday. we put cowling on and headed to 5C1. arrived at 1430 and by 1500 i was headed back to laredo. again this was on a saturday. mr. Jack and Scott were very very helpful and great people! my wife and i made it to cabo today, one day late instead of 4 days late.

Kent Logan


Cessna Engine Conversion

Looking forward to Installation of O-520-U/TS

Leopoldo Gonzalez


I have flown my Texas Skyways 1979 C-182 Q for 800 hours throughout Central America, lots of high altitude and short airfields. Routes are usually within the 150nm range and 12,500 ft cruises are very common. It is the perfect airplane for the mission, the only reason for flying a twin such as an Aztec or Seneca instead could be a large of Px load or px's fear of single engine planes. I plan on 15 gph conservatively and fly with EGT around 1350, which is VERY conservative.

Herbert de Sola


 “…During the 2400-RPM cruise, the airspeed indicated a good solid 165-MPH. That’s about 5 below the yellow band. This airplane has previously indicated 135 at 2300 RPM, full throttle, and cowl flaps closed.…”

 “…Another observation is at 120 MPH indicated full power climb, Guinevere (Aircraft Name) used to indicate about 400-500 FPM. The rate of climb at full power and the same indicated airspeed is now a solid 1100 FPM. That is with full fuel and two people on board….”
“…The performance of my aircraft is very close to your sale brochure predictions and like my Dad used to say, “It runs as smooth as a 16 cylinder Rolls Royce.” I am very pleased….”

Your Satisfied Customer
Bill Brink


“…During my flight from Boerne, Texas to Salt Lake City, Utah my average ground speed was 147 knots with a CAS of 150 knots!! This is only amazing when you consider I was flying at 65%-75% power….”

 “…Leaving Farmington, NM for Salt Lake City, Utah it was 98 degrees. I was still off the ground in less than 800 feet (no flaps) and climbing at 800 feet a minute at 100 knots. What a difference!”

 “…Returning to Tacoma, I removed the cowling for an oil change.
This gave me (and a number of other on-lookers) an opportunity to view the installation. Beautiful!”

Irl Davis


 “…Just thought I would include a note to let you know how much we like the work you did on N3752U. The engine is very strong, and every pilot who has flown her since returning, has commented on the performance. We are very satisfied with the job you and everyone at Texas Skyways, did on out plane….”

 “…Other shops could take a lesson from your staff….”

 “…This engine project was certainly not the least expensive option we had. But now that we see the results, the cost was worth it. If anyone ever asks me about engine shops, I know what my recommendation will be….”

Ken Plunk


 “…After seeing your engine and installation in action, not only I, but my mechanic also has recommended your engine to others. It is a great engine….”

 “…Increased performance has been a great benefit for my plane. My 1957 Cessna 180A now performs like the Super Cub I owned
before.  With 180 lbs. of fuel, 400 lbs. of people and 50 lbs. of gear a 300 foot takeoff is not unreasonable. Once airborne I climb at over 1500 fpm. On floats I climb about 1200 fpm….”

 “…Airspeed at cruise is up slightly, about 7 mph. I am using the two blade propeller for takeoff performance, so speed is sacrificed….”

Thank you for the great engine!
George Campbell (O-470 U/TS)


 “…my 1968 C180H in June of 1999. After one year and 125 hours of operation, I can say I am 100% satisfied with the conversion. It is all you said it would be and more. I absolutely love it! Having done the installation myself, I can attest that it was no more work or effort than replacing the original O-470-R engine; simply a bolt on operation using all the existing parts and accessories….”

 “…Take off and climb performance is nothing short of spectacular and cruise has increased about 15 knots as well. Fuel consumption remains a reasonable 14.3 gph…”

 “…The engine and prop combination is smooth with very little vibration, even without having balanced the prop on the airplane”

Philip L. Wolfe


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