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Aviation Associations & Administration

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) - The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), is a not-for-profit individual membership association, effectively serves the interests and needs of its members as aircraft owners and pilots, and establishes, maintains, and articulates positions of leadership to promote the economy, safety, and popularity of flight in aircraft.

Cessna Flyer Association - Join other Cessna pilots and Cessna owners in the fastest-growing association for Cessna Flyers. They are dedicated to helping you get more out of your flying experience.

Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) - EAA, The Leader in Recreational Aviation, is an international membership organization encouraging and supporting recreation aviation and is also the home of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, the World's Largest Aviation Celebration.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - The public homepage for the Federal Aviation Administration, an operating mode of the Department of Transportation.   The Federal Aviation Administration is responsible for the safety of civil aviation.

Aviation Conventions

Oshkosh - Official site of the annual EAA AirVenture Convention at Oshkosh’s Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Commonly known as EAA OSHKOSH, the event attracts more than 800,000 people and 12,000 airplanes. Pertinent information such as times and rates are included at this site.

SUN 'n FUN - Site of the annual SUN ‘n FUN Convention in Lakeland, Florida.  Host to one of the largest aviation tradeshow/conventions in the world with more than 500 commercial exhibitors showcasing the newest products in the industry.  From multi-million dollar aircraft to aviation art and avionics to an education corridor filled with more than 400 hands-on workshops and forums taking place during the six-day event SUN ‘n FUN.

Aviation Financing

Mile High Financial Corp.- dan@milehighmoney.com - Nationwide Aircraft Financing.   Mile High Financial Corp. has been providing aircraft loans for personal as well as corporate clients for over 15 years.

Aviation Maintenance & Specialties

Wing X - Wing Extension and spar reinforcement for Cessna 170, 172, 175, 180, 182, 185 and Wip-Tips for Cessna 206 providing gross weight increases on most models.

Steven Hegarty Aircraft Maintenance Pty. Ltd. - Comprehensive maintenance service for both aeroplanes and helicopters.

Flugzeugreparatur Damme GmbH - Thorsten von dem Brinke- Servicing small airplanes to multi-engine commercial aircraft.

Ski’s Aviation Services
Anchorage, Alaska
(907) 248-1354
Annuals – Repairs  
Modifications – Float Changes

Bielefeld Aviation
Kenai, Alaska
(907) 283-4124
Annuals – Repairs 
Modifications – Float Changes



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