Texas Skyways offers several choices of power upgrades with New, Zero Time Factory Rebuilt or overhauled Engines for your aircraft.  As well as offering 2500hrs TBO on all of our options for Cessna 180 and 182.

No modifications are required to the firewall, panel, cowling, exhaust, engine mount, etc. We modify engines to fit the airplane, not the other way around. With this all installations are simple and straight-forward.

Have an airplane that's not listed here? Give us a call to find out what options we can offer for better performance, increased safety etc.

1953 Cessna 180 up thru 1986 182

The all-time favorite is the 285 HP O-550-F/TS for the 1953 180 thru the 1986 182.  Our aircraft equipped with this engine cruises at 163 KTAS with a rate of climb of 1600 FPM.  The Takeoff roll at gross weight is 400’. 


And still another long-time favorite is the 280HP O-520-F/TS for the 1953 180 thru the 1986 182.  The performance of this engine is basically the same as achieved with the O-550 up to about 10,000’, where the 550 will develop 20hp more than the 520 at the same cruise power settings.  Another reason for the popularity of this engine is it is several thousand dollars less than the O-550. 


One other option, is the O-470-U/TS, 250 HP for the 1953 180 thru the 1986 182.  This engine is rated at 250 HP, however, on the test cell developed 263 HP.  This engine performs well with either the 2 blade or 3 blade propeller.  If you already have a McCauley C204 you are in luck! The combination of this engine and propeller will give an increase in speed of 12-14 MPH.

If you have an O-470U, we have an STC to install it on ANY 180 or 182. Enjoy up to 2200 hrs of TBO and the smooth quiet performance of low RPMs.

After the Texas Skyways improvements to the oil systems, the O-470U/ts, O-520 and the O-550 will have a 2,500 hour TBO.

Cessna 185 up thru T210

The IO-550 engine upgrade is available for the Cessna 185 thru 210 Models.  These engines are 300 continuous horsepower. The IO-550 is simply a more efficient engine with the longer stroke of the crankshaft and cylinders.  Our tests show an increase of about 10-14 knots in cruise and an increase in climb of about 3-400 FPM at the same power settings with only a slight increase in fuel flow.


The IO-520 engine upgrade is available for your Cessna 205  and it is rated at 300 HP for 5 minutes and 285 HP continuous.