You can now buy MT Propellers directly from us, get an 83", two or three bladed propeller with all of our conversions. MT is well known for their modern designs, 2400hr TBO, high durability and lightweight propellers. They come with the promise of increased performance, reduced vibration, lower fuel burn and much more!
We have MT props available for Cessnas 152, 170, 172, 175 and 177 with Lycoming engines as well as Cessnas 180, 182, T182, 182RG 185, 205, 206, turbine 206, 207, 208, 210, T303, 400, 414, 421, 425, 441 and many more from other makes such as Beechcraft and Cirrus.
For additional details and more propeller models, please download our Propeller Characteristics Table PDF that explains these products in detail. Contact us and we can find the prop that best suits your needs.

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Hartzell Three Blades - 80"/82"

The new Buccaneer propeller is one of the latest designed propellers from Hartzell. We have tested many different models of propellers, Hartzell and McCauley, with various blade diameters. We found that the 80-82" Hartzell propeller  "Buccaneer" with the 8068 blade gives better performance for take off, climb and cruise.  


Hartzell Three Blades - 78" PHC-C3YF-1RF/F7691


This is an earlier design from Hartzell. This 78" diameter offers very low noise levels and excellent speed. 


McCauley Three Blades - 88"  D3A34C401C/90DFA-10

A very good all around prop for all Cessna 180 & 185 aircraft.  Ideal for Cessna 180's - especially for float planes.  Greater initial thrust for quicker lift off and yet has good cruise speed. A choice of two spinners offers a very nice appearance for the 180 & 185 aircraft. 


McCauley Two Blades - 82"- 86"  B2A37C238


This propeller was especially designed for pilots that want a 2 Blade Propeller.  The McCauley C238 gives very good all around performance when installed in the 0520 or 0550 engine.


McCauley Two Blades - 82"  D2A34C204

This prop offers excellent short field characteristics. In most cases, the original McCauley spinner will fit to retain the same basic appearance. An excellent choice for 230 and 250 HP engines.